Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

One highly popular non-surgical treatment for hair loss is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP is an advanced and innovative treatment which works by using the high concentrations of platelet cells in plasma that is derived from a sample of a patient’s own blood.

About Platelet-Rich Plasma

This treatment uses a rich source of specialised proteins, including essential growth factors and cytokines, to promote hair growth and healing by injecting the solution into the scalp.

PRP can be used in 2 different ways in relation to hair loss. Firstly it can be used to encourage hair growth and improve hair quality.

By taking a small sample of a patient’s blood (similar to when you donate blood) we consequently spin it in a centrifuge. This allows separation of the platelets (type of blood cells) from the rest of the plasma to settle in concentrated form in the sample. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the patient’s scalp amongst the thinning hair to benefit hair growth.

Similar to low level laser therapy, PRP is of most benefit in thinning areas of hair, but beyond a certain level of hair loss then it might be too late.

Women tend to be more typical of the patient who benefits from this as they ‘thin’ rather than go bald. Typically, we need to do 3 treatments over a 3 month period. To maintain any tangible benefit, the patient will typically need 3-4  treatments per year.

Alternatively, or additionally, PRP can be used to potentially accelerate healing and hair growth following a hair transplant by incorporating PRP as part of the hair transplant procedure. It may also serve to give strength to existing hairs if the transplant is being done in such an area.

It is the same process as above, except it will be a one-off treatment where the PRP is injected into the recipient area of the transplant at the beginning of the procedure.

Common Questions

Is the treatment painful?
What are the main benefits?
How permanent are the results?
How often can treatments be carried out?
How long will it take before i see results?
How much does it cost?

It is injections into the scalp, so there can be a little discomfort. The procedure can be done with local anaesthetic.

Similar to low level laser therapy, the main benefits are to thicken miniaturised and thinner hairs.

If successful, you will have to repeat this treatment 1-2 times per year to maintain results.

Regular sessions promote healthier hair growth, but the treatment duration can vary from patient to patient. PRP sessions are usually performed regularly over an initial 6 month period to promote aggressive recovery. After this time and depending on progress, the interval between sessions can usually be increased to maintain the results achieved.

Many patients experience positive results after 2 to 3 months, although typically it can take up to six to twelve months to judge the results of PRP “visually” in the mirror.

The cost of PRP treatment will depend on your individual case. While cost is an important factor, the quality of the work should be your number one priority when choosing a company to undertake your PRP treatment.

I had a nice friendly consultation with Stephen, I had a couple of issues with scalp, having completed a pre-consultation form, further discussion and inspection, Stephen diagnosed both my conditions and I was offered treatment and management guidance. The treatment product for my scalp psoriasis is fantastic, after just 2 applications my scalp is less scaly and amazingly less itchy. The hair loss treatment works as well! – Client review


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